1.  How Does the Ordering Process Work?

Email your art to us at sales@inkedwear.com  and include any information you may have, such as:

  • What kind and color apparel
  • How many pieces do you want printed
  • How many locations do you want to print it on (front, back, sleeve, etc)
  • What color ink would you like
  • Range in sizes, and anything else that is important to you
  • Don’t worry about any details you don’t know.  Just send what you have.

We will respond by asking you about any needed information .

2.  What Kind of Art Do I Need?

Our favorite format is Vector, where the file name ends in .ai, .eps, sometimes in .pdf.  Often this type of file is generated using Adobe Illustrator.  Using this format we can easily enlarge your file to the size you would like without distortion of the image.

We also accept rastor or bitmap files, where the file names ends with .jpg, .bmp, .png, .psd, etc.  This type of file is often generated in Adobe Photoshop.  A file in this format can be easily reduced in size, but not enlarged without it getting pixelated (saw edged). To successfully design your art for (screen printing ) in this format,  first set your resolution to 300-400 dpi, then set your artboard to the final size you desire your imprint to be once it is on the apparel.  Do not enlarge your art after designing, but before.  Do not take your art from the home page of a website because it will likely be 72 dpi, which is too coarse for good results.

3.  Will You Design My Art for Me?

Yes! Design work is $50/hr and most art takes an hour or less.  We can limit it to a certain amount if you desire.

4.  Can I Give You Hand-Drawn Art?

Sure!   Preferable artwork is inked with a high contrast.